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12-inch Metal AMAZING Glazing Sun Wind Spinner

Part Number 198-2
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<B>12-inch Metal AMAZING Glazing Sun Wind Spinner</B>
12-inch Metal AMAZING Glazing Sun Wind Spinner
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12" SUN--

Click Now to see how to open.

  1. Wind Spinners are laser cut and  made of stainless Steel, bursting with colors
that is created by the different twirling of the spinner and light reflections created by the spinner design.

3. Each Wind Spinner includes one stainless steel swivel.

  2.Wind Spinner shipping is free.

Q: Where should I hang my new wind spinner?

A: Some ideas for you...

1. Outside in a garden or by an entrance on a shepherd hook stand.

2. From the roof of a porch or deck by it's swivel. Any place to attract attention to something.

3. Inside your house-Office-Business-Store Front Windows to Attract attention. Out of wind areas will require a motor.

4. In the yard, porches or in your place of business, any place or anything you want to draw attention too. Real Estate open houses, Car dealerships

You will be amazed b the dazzling effects of these amazing spinners.

Grasp the top of the wind spinner with one hand.

With the other hand, grab the center piece and the first two inner rings.

Twist the center piece and first two rings open to about 60-80 degree.
 This should form a "pocket" for the wind to catch in.

Adjust rings for even spacing and aesthetics.


Bend the center pieces out in different directions so that they become dimensional (some in front, some in back).

Adjust the center pieces to look aesthetic, including adjusting wings and flowers.

Each wind spinner is made of Stainless Steel and perfect for indoors and or outdoors,


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